The history of our activity dates back to 1992. For over twenty years we have successfully delivered high-quality advertising pens with a marketing application at the individual customer's request. Our offer is distinguished by a rich design and thousands of options for choosing products, for example, printed pens, pens with banner, with logo, or 3D clip representing your company. We are professionals - a workshop, a showroom, and a spacious warehouse allow us to complete an online order "on the spot". Thanks to this, we minimize your waiting time.

The offer includes conventional methods for effective advertising - pens:

  • plastic,
  • metal,
  • gel,
  • advertisement,
  • with print,
  • advertisement


We do not limit ourselves to the production of traditional products. To meet the needs of modern enterprises, we produce atypical models, for example:

  • pens with 3D clips,
  • pens with banner,
  • advertising pens,
  • pens with logo,
  • ecological or floating variants.


In the tabs, you will find examples of products and inspirations for your own realizations.

We use the latest technological solutions in marking.

The pad printing method allows us to create a high-quality inscription or drawing on any surface. Thanks to this, the advertising on printed pens looks good, and the print lasts long even when used intensively. We use it for orders from 500 pieces. More than 1000 advertising pens - the preparation process is free!

Laser engraving, for metal and wooden products, can be made on just one piece, in monochrome color, depending on the marked surface.


How is the implementation carried out? It's easy. In a few steps:

  1. Selection of an advertising pen. You select the model in a selected color scheme via our website. Print on plastic, engraved metal, banner, or maybe a 3D clip? By e-mail contact, we will help you to adjust the best solution and present all available variants.
  2. Sending a logotype, inscription, banner or 3D clip project. Send us your logo in.cdr,.ai,.eps,.pdf, or vector format.
  3. Free design. We provide you a free trial sample in the electronic version.
  4. Approval of the project. This is the time for possible comments and improvement of the advertising medium.
  5. Marking. We make a high-quality print, banner, 3D clip, or laser engraving.
  6. Delivery. Your order is delivered in a form of courier service agreed in advance.
  7. Printed advertising pens are the most common form of advertising chosen by hundreds of our customers. We also make orders for other useful articles with print, banner, or 3D clip, for example, keychains, lighters or, desk gadgets.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and contact us via e-mail.

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